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We at Kaleke LiveTech Services strive for excellence. We value the current market trends by analyzing our competitors. At our web development company, we have developed a certain techniques in various technologies like HTML5, PHP, MAGENTO, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL that have delivered successfully.


As we know that phone have revolutionized the world. In this globalized world everyone is dependent on smart phones. We can’t imagine even a single day without these. Apps are the keys lying inside the smart phones. In today’s world in order to expand business we can market our business on smart phones and popularize it.


Being a good internet user and ignoring the market strategies is not enough.Search engine optimization is basically to rank well in internet marketing and for that we have to use various strategies for our pages to rank well. Techniques used in SEO are on page and off page optimization techniques.


What is web designing? Designing is about using creative ideas and applying those to our website. At the first glance what customer wants is to have glancing look to page this is the place where website design comes into picture. Our best web design company layouts...

Content Writing

Writing content is not enough in today’s word and is not in the hands of everyone.Content writing requires analytical ability and complete understanding of the theme related to the content .content should be in such a way that capture the minds of readers...


We at Kaleke LiveTech which is Professional Web Development Company have vast and well equipped resources for the overall development of man power.We appreciate hard work and individuals are being honored for their abilities and talent...

We Are A Web Design And Development Company

Kaleke Livetech Services Pvt. Ltd is one of the best Web Design & Development and SEO company with well experienced professional staff who have all the advance knowledge in their particular field. The company is located in Mohali, with a good infrastructure. We believe in doing our best and satisfy the client’s requirements. Our main priority is to give results at time within the deadline demanded by the clients this is the main reason that why so many clients are connected with us and they all are still in touch with us.

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web development / Web Design
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About us

Kaleke Livetech Services is committed and dedicated towards his work. We are web based company which is established in 2008. As we all know in today's world it’s very difficult to compete with the competitive market without knowledge of core concepts.

It’s only possible if we have a adequate resources in terms of human power and technical resources. When we all work together success will definitely with us.


Web Development 91%
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Web Designing 90%
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App Development 80%
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Content Writing 65%
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Coding 70%
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