2015 Top Ten Android App | klssoft.com

2015 Top Ten Android App | klssoft.com

Various apps are being introduced every week with more extra features and latest versions. Every one of you wants an app for your mobile that is compatible with it. The most appealing apps get higher rating with enormous visiting and installations and the apps with no use are not even looked up by any one. Here we are going to discuss about the latest apps of 2015 with all new features.

The Play Store is exploded with proliferation of apps every week that cater to your needs. There are top paid apps and top free apps and it becomes difficult to find the most beneficial app around. We had made a list of latest useful android apps with revolutionize functionality or the apps that has become the most-have apps to be downloaded whenever you get new android handset. Here are top ten android apps of 2014 and 2015 which would be very beneficial for you people and would be bolster in managing your every day task. These are:-

Google Now Launcher

With star rating of 4.4 and 292,490 visitors in 2014 it has been downloaded by 10,000,000-50,000,000. This app provides you with right information at right time. You can easily access your favorite Google products and services within few seconds. So hopefully it will be the top app on 2015 also.

Jarvis- My Personal Assistant

It is an app like none other available in store. It can not only be used as phone app but it also runs on android wear. It keeps you informed about weather, news, calls text messages and what else you want. It has got 4.2 rating and 1,472 visitors and 10,000-50,000 installations in 2014.


It is a game that resembles box of sweets with different flavors. When you have succeeded set of games you are allowed to climb down one level. As it is introduced recently it has got 4.0 stars rating which is very good with 1000-5000 installations and 125 visiting. This number is still increasing day by day so I thing it will be one of the best app in 2015.

Magic 2015

The most liked game by users with all additional features and updated levels. Current star rating is 4.1 which can increase to 5 also. In 2014 there are 50,816 visiting and 100,000-500,000 installations.

HTC Sense Input

It is an app that helps you to increase your typing speed and decrease your accidental errors. The star rating is 4.2 with 4,414 visitors and 10,000,000-50,000,000 downloads. This app has got stability improvements.

WhatsApp Messenger

The most extensively used messaging app where you can share video, images, voice notes. It is an app which is used all around the globe. It is an app with large number of visitors around 21,039,801and 4.4 star rating. There are 500,000,000-1,000,000,000 downloads and it is still increasing due to its latest updates. It was recently updated on 8 Dec, 2014.

Telegram Messenger

It is super fast, simple, secure and free messaging app. Using this app you can share any type of file like .doc, .zip, .pdf, etc. you can get telegram apps for all platforms by visiting its site. Its latest update was on 4 Dec, 2014. There are 10,000,000-50,000,000 downloads up to now and rest is in increasing numbers. With star rating of 4.1 it has 1,002,185 visiting.


With increasing number of visitors day by day till now it has reached up to 23,804,508 visiting. You will be amazed by seeing the total number of downloads of this app which is 1,000,000,000-5,000,000,000 due to its faster speed.

If you are far away from your family or friends then you surely need a source to talk with them and if we could do video chat that would be amazing. Now coming towards video calling apps the most famous and top quality video calling apps are:-

Video Chat by Friend Caller

It allows you to have group video chat, VoIP calls and IM for your android phones. It has got 4.1 rating and 9,413 visitors with 1,000,000-5,000,000 download.

Camfrog Video Chat

You will get thousands of online users to chat with in a video chat room. You can use this app on iphone, ipad. Star rating is 4.1 with 92,577 visitors. There are not less than 5,000,000-10,000,000 installations of this astonishing app.

There are great numbers of latest apps that are still in progress which will help you handle your job in a more easy way. All the apps that are discussed above are very easy to use.


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