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Dedicated Resources


What Is Web Developing?

After finalizing the layout of website. Web development comes into picture .its a broad concept comprising of providing services to internet as a (www). Developing a websites deals with end user requirements. We at Kaleke Livetech Services provides a pool of Web Developers which are highly experienced in their fields.

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What Is Web Designing?

Designing is about using creative ideas and applying those to our website. Our website design company layouts sure to attract customers.we have resources with us to give better look to your ideasHere we have a Talented and experienced pool of Web designer you can hire from us Quality developers at economical rates.

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What Is PHP?

Php is a server side scripting language used for creating Dynamic websites various Frameworks have been used nowadays like MVC etc .it can also be used as a General purpose programming language.Php code can be appened with Html and it can also be used in combination with various web frameworks.

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Cake PHP Framework

Now, who wouldn’t want a framework that allows more security on data. Better understanding on codes. Easily functionality with the class and incredibly accurate results. Cake php has boomed the standards of websites, with their incredible inbuilt features. And we are here to present you with the opportunity, to avail the benefits of these frameworks.

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Zend Framework

These days websites that requires features like online booking and payment prefers Zend Development. They are becoming immensely popular with their usage. But the most important question is, are you able to take advantage of it? If no, than implement this framework in your scheme of things by hiring, a qualified Zend developer through us..

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YII Framework

Yes it is! Is what YII stands for, and yes it is developing as the most effective web application framework, because of its diverse features. This framework has already proven its metal for developing web 2.0 applications. And we have a team of experts and qualified YII developers, who you can hire to give new dimensions to your business.

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WordPress Development

Wordpress is a free Microblogging and open source CMS based on PHP and Mysql. Mainly Plugins are being used nowadays for various functionalities which have made our work much easier. More than 70% of websites are being made in Wordpress nowadays. We have a pool of experienced faculty of Wordpress developers which you can hire from us..

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Joomla Development

Joomla is a free open source Content Management Framework (CMF) Written in php used for publishing the web content on a website. It uses object oriented techniques based on MVC Framework.It stores data in MySql,MSSQl and includes such as RSS feeds,Blogs and polls.We have very well experienced staff of Joomla developers which have more than three years of experience

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Drupal Development

hen you are talking about a publishing platform that is creative, flexible, and radiant in its use. You are surely talking about Drupal. This platform, can work wonders with the kind of features it offers to the developers.We have the best drupal developers in the field of development. You can always trust us for the resource we offer. And can hire them at a reasonable rate.

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Magento Development

Magento Magic can beam up the e-commerce solution for its customers, If it is developed well. Finding a good Magento developer can be a challenging ask, If it’s done through a source, other than us. We have developers who are well polished with their knowledge in this framework and its plugins. With their imaginative approach, they can deliver you user friendly, cost effective results.

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iPhone App Development

Apps and smartphones have almost become synonyms for each other. A good phone certainly cannot sell by itself in the market, if it is not backed by impressive, functional app. And if it’s iPhone, then the stakes are even high.This is where we make ourselves available to you with our skilled iPhone developers. These talented coders know the demand of the platform, and they meet it to perfection all the time.

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Android App Development

What makes Android, a real winner in the category of Smartphones? Yes, their style and functionality do favor their case heavily, but that’ not all. Today android platform boost some incredibly well developed apps that has enriched the experience of users giving new scope to the imagination. We have these crafty artists, who are deeply connected to the core level of this platform .