Web Development

After finalizing the layout of website and its structure, the outlook and internal binding. Web development comes into picture .its a broad concept comprising of providing services to internet as a (www). Developing a websites deals with end user requirements ie. What user wants from a particular project according to that functionalities are being integrated in a website? For most of the people website development is writing scripts and markups. Department. Web development may be collaborative efforts between the departments. our web development company provides best services. Developing a solid platform for the brands of future.

Open Source Development

In the field of Production and development open source provides the free licence .The main benefit of open source is that it can be freely distributed and is open to all. Developers at web smart makers makes best use of these resources to get the remarkable results. web development company India. we are aware of ways how we can make the most of this platform forthe betterment of your project and business and deliver results unmatched in quality and efficiency. Opening up the new dimensions in the website development

MVC Framework Development

MVC Frameworks/ Custom development

MVC is a software architectural pattern that divides the software pattern into three interconnected modules and each part has its own functionalities. Model view controller at the first step request goes to Model consists of application data,business rules, logic and functions.controller is the heart of this framework

Template Engine

A Template engine is a piece of software program that combines two or more templates with data model to produce one or more result documents.the result document may be any kind of formatted output.we at Kaleke Livetech Services uses this technique in order to cater the need of customers.

Using all the available templates maximize your brand advantage

Third Party Platforms

A wide range of Plugins are available which we can use to make our work easy and they are also time efficient.Kaleke Livetech Services use these blend of software to ensure quality of service to their clients.

Framing up an e-commerce solution that is dynamic and creative